The Queensland education act was modified on 5th November 2010, which then allowed the Queensland education system to assume a world-leading position in international education. It is a high quality international school program which is implemented all over the world.

In 2015, Qingdao GuoKai High School was assessed by the Ministry of Education of the Queensland Government (Australia) and succeeded in passing the inspection process. Our school was then authorised to become an overseas school of Queensland Government Department of Education and also obtained the permission to enroll students.

The students of the QCE program will possess dual school enrollment status. They will be simultaneously enrolled in Qingdao GuoKai High School and in the Queensland Certificate of Education program. If a student’s QCE exam results are satisfactory, then they can obtain an Australian high school diploma, take the Australian QCS test and get an OP score. Australian universities and many international universities can be applied for using OP results with no requirement for IELTS and TOEFL scores.

The QCE is one of the most advanced educational systems in the world. It uses a quality assurance structure of one centre and four dimensions to assist students to improve their levels. One center means Australian and Chinese systems converge to establish an educational and academic centre to comprehensively supervise and evaluate the school, the teachers and the students.

The four dimensions of assuring quality:

I. Screen schools strictly, assuring the quality of the students learning atmosphere.

II. Experienced foreign teachers are employed, thus students receive a pure western education.

III. Testing takes place six times per year, this improves students’ abilities in areas such as: listening, speaking, reading and writing and in specialised subjects.

IV. The parents committee will put forward valuable opinions about the school, the teachers, students’ morality and social welfare.

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